About Persuading Others For A Decision

It’s important to persuade others for a decision in a team, especially when it is a decision critical and complicated, this kind of decision can be delayed, but if a leader is powerful like Steve Jobs, then persuading is what will happen here

Persuade someone for a decision is different from persuading someone to conduct an action, this is because all actions stem from commanding, so it more or less depends on the person who will conduct an action, so all here in context all persuading is just related to “persuading for a decision”

Only the best people can be persuaded, don’t need to take effect to persuade the people who can’t understand the critical and complicity, so it is also important to choose the right person to persuade, most time it happens in a decision team

By the way, at the action level, if the result is not good, the only solution is to change the people who conduct the action



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