First-order Creativity

Nov 30, 2022

Nature uses a random genetic system to hold the creativity, it’s quite an amazing system running for billions of years, to keep life on earth surviving and flourishing. I call it zeroth-order creativity

Human society is very similar to nature, it needs a rule to hold creativity as the key to development. I call it first-order creativity

Where are these first-order creativities? And where are they come from?

  1. Academia (where the job is to do discovery and creativity)
  2. Business competition (creativity is the key to survival as the theory of Joseph Schumpeter)
  3. Personal creative mindset (Steve Jobs and Elon Musk)
  4. Random methods (Masayoshi Son uses this method to do inventions)

So, it is obvious how one can be a creative person:

  1. Learn from the most creative person to have a creative mindset
  2. Close to the academia
  3. Be a businessperson