How to Deal With Unnecessary Excitement

1 min readSep 28, 2022


Excitement is good, everyone should enjoy it rather than ignore it, just sometimes it would be a problem when I am too excited and enjoy it for too long

For example:

  1. Join a meeting with a cup of good coffee, and the meeting is quite successful, then my mind would keep on running even hours after the end of this meeting
  2. Work hard on something for days and finally achieved a good result, but because of this so many delayed tasks still need to follow
  3. Signed a good contract but still need a hard work mood for the conditional payment in the contract

I think this cool-down has two stages, stage one is for stopping the excitement and stage two is for removing it, and the principle of these two stages is “stop/slow/clear your mind”

Stage 1:

  1. A Shower or Bath
  2. A Massage
  3. Watch a movie in a movie theatre

Stage 2:

  1. A snap
  2. A meditation




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