The Future of Humanity After ChatGPT

ChatGPT shocked me for weeks, and still, in recovering, this is a technology I thought would happen many years later, but it happened right now, I was definitely not ready for this technology, but still felt lucky to see it at the end of 2022

Why I was not ready? Because I didn’t prepare well the English and Mathematics, but this is not the point of this article, the point is what will be the future of humanity after AGI

Stage one: Humanity helps AGI

  1. Humanity's intellectual work will be more creative
  2. Humanity as a group will have more understanding of Math and Physics otherwise can’t help AGI at all
  3. Cheap energy, stronger computing power, better algorithm, more data, etc.

Stage two: Humanity and AGI help each other

  1. Robots
  2. Discover new Physics
  3. Conquer mars

Stage three: AGI helps humanity (At the same time AGI will be busy with something else but I won't detail it here)

  1. Extend human life(after AGI, the ethical threshold is lowered)
  2. Increase the ability of humanity(memorization, physical body, etc.)
  3. Metaverse



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