The Reaction To Judgment

1 min readDec 18, 2022

There are two kinds of life directions, I call them public life and private life, and different people enjoy these two different lifestyles.

Public life: You live under the spotlight and you encounter strangers every day, be judged repeatedly personly or on Twitter

Private life: You live with a group of people you know very well, and no one would seriously judge you

These two life directions trained you in different skills about how to deal with judgments that happened in your life. In the direction of public life, you ignore them and fight back; In the direction of private life, you try your best to avoid it for the second time.

The sad thing is, many people live in between, one wants a private lifestyle but can’t avoid endless judgments from a family member or from your boss; Or one wants a public lifestyle but doesn’t know how to ignore and fight back all the judgment, and depression sometimes come from a life in between

Before you know what training you need for reacting to the judgment from strangers, you have to know what lifestyle you want, then fight or flight.