The Way To Fall Asleep

Sleep is important, it recovers all your energy, some people ware our oneself later into the night for a good sleep would hurt their health because of the messy biological clock, so how to quickly fall asleep is a problem that needs to solve

Normally it’s hard to fall asleep when you are worried or excited about something. You can use many tools to stop them, such as counting sheep, meditation, reading and many other traditional methods,

There are some methods are better than others

  1. Learn a foreign language. Normally you need 5–10 years to learn a foreign language, so you can do vocabulary tasks, listening tasks, thinking in a foreign language, it would exhaust your energy very efficiently, then give you a good sleep
  2. Thinking about something complicated. There are so many complicated problems in the world, pick out some of them and make a list, and think about one of them when you need it to help you fall asleep



Notebook for self-learning

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