The Way to Measure Different Cultures

People talk about different cultures, so what is it? Can it be measured in a sophisticated way?

In my personal opinion, cultures can be categorized into a set of values, you can name some words and put them together

Sadly, this is a general idea with little help in understanding the essential contrast between different cultures and how it impacts everyone’s daily life

I think every culture can, by means of this method, vary it from all others:

Distinguish THE ORDER OF two specific values

If you ever deep dive into different cultures, you will notice THE ORDER OF some specific values, normally two, can be used in the comparison of different cultures

For example, if you want to compare the cultural differences between China and Christian countries, I would choose “smartness” and “kindness”, because I feel the order in these two cultures are different, if a thing contrast between “smartness” and “kindness”, people in these different cultures would make different choices



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