Thinking and Reading

I ever made a mistake many years ago, with the stupid thought that less reading can help to keep my creativity, this stupid thought wasted many years of good old reading time. Then after many years of heavily relying on reading to learn new concepts, I feel I need to balance reading and thinking

The relation between thinking and reading is: Reading would limit the ability of thinking, and thinking is useless without the knowledge base you only can have from reading

The way that Feynman learned and internalized new ideas was to first attack them head on the old fashioned way — by reading and thinking through them. The key emphasis in that sentence is on the word thinking. Famously, Feynman would read the abstract of a scientific paper, and before reading any further, attempt to solve the stated problem. Only then would he read through the rest of the paper. He was focused on mentally wrestling with an idea as opposed to letting someone else walk him to the final answer. — from

Paper is a good starting point where you can seriously do thinking in advance, and this in-depth and cutting-edge thinking is so necessary if you want to go on pushing your knowledge base

Thanks, Richard Feynman



Notebook for self-learning

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