Why EDCF(Equally Divided Co-founders)

Run an EDCF business is quite special, the most famous example is Google, Larry and Brin equally divided the right to vote, and still make Google one of the best tech company in history

EDCF is not a structure supported by most investors, it is similar to the structure of good parents but the challenge is extremely. And some conditions can list here:

  1. Very little manager experience. If you never be a good leader or member of a management team, then this EDCF is a good structure to experience it
  2. Never be parents. Being parents is similar to EDCF, if the age of founders are young, then EDCF can make decisions more stable
  3. Failed as a business owner. Being a business owner and taking all responsibilities is not easy, so EDCF is a better way to restart
  4. Limited energy. If you are a part-time entrepreneur, enjoy remote work, like traveling, hate meetings, or have a social anxiety disorder, then EDCF is a good choice



Notebook for self-learning

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