Why I Would Think About Learn Japanese

One day many years ago, I went down my building and in an elevator, a couple talked to their 6–7 yo child, I noticed a thing amusing me till now, that is this young child can talk Mandarin, Shanghainese, English and Japanese at the same time, and the parents can reply by the corresponding language whatever the young child used for asking questions

I think it only took one minute I and this family to pass by, but the image - this couple keeps on answering the young child in different languages and this young child really satisfies the training done by the parents as asking questions in any language one wants - hugely impacted my life as I can say

Sadly this is not a lifestyle I can have, one language is difficult enough for me and the third one would crush me as a super busy person, though I like Japanese culture very much, unless a Japanese girlfriend happened to my life, and suppose it really happened:

  1. Learning Japanese in 10 years till the stage of fluently using it
  2. Moving to Japan and doing business in Japan

Need I start to prepare this shit?

Yes! Move to New York and find your girl~
No! Fuck you off a new language



Notebook for self-learning

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