Why Math Can Bring Me Happiness

It’s quite funny when I talk with others about why I enjoy math so much, even right now I am just at the very beginning of understanding the whole math universe

  1. Math is stable. Pythagoras believe in “All Things Are Numbers” thousands of years ago, and it is still true right now. (Happiness relied on stability, just like the money in your bank account, it’s stable
  2. Math is objective(universal). If humans extinct suddenly, new species evolved to the intelligence level of humans right now, and the math of this new species will be very similar to ours. (Happiness relied on objectiveness, because it’s easy to meet friends got the same opinion
  3. Math is endless. Math is so complicated, you definitely can’t learn them all in all your life. (Happiness is a thing you can always chase more and more, math is endless, so it means happiness is endless as well


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