Why Work With The Best?

I worked with a lot of different people in my 10 years career and another 10 years startup, most of them are normal people and some of them are the best, I feel it is important to work with the best:

  1. Learn from the best. If you want to learn from someone else rather than yourself, the only option is to learn from the best
  2. Less complacent. If you only work with the normal person, complacent will be a huge problem as a hurdle in front of you
  3. Credit. It means you can always trust them as a concrete foundation, and build a higher building based on it
  4. Positive. Best people work with each other with a positive mindset, so knowledge exchange will be positive and joyful
  5. From best to excellent. If you want to work with the excellent, you have to gather enough experience to work with the best, because the excellent are beyond the best



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